Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth of July..

Hi Gang,

Whelp.. It's the Fourth of July already. Where I'm located the corn is knee high and I've already had sweet corn on the cob, fantastic.

As a reminder nominations for awards at the Great Lakes Convention is fast coming to a close (July 10th). Please, I you feel someone is worthy of one of the awards listed
(, get their nomination in quickly.

Now, since I've mentioned it...  The Great Lakes Convention is being held August 3rd at the Columbus hamfest. Be sure not to miss this great event. Our guest speaker this year is none other than David Sumner, K1ZZ.

Finally I leave you with this thought..  Freedom is not FREE. Many died for the rights that we now enjoy, please remember those who have fallen.

73, Scott, N8SY..