Saturday, August 6, 2016

Newsletter Contest Winners announced.. Allan Severson recipient also announced at the Ohio Section Conference..

Saturday - August 6th          What a day it was..
2016 ARRL Ohio Section Newsletter Contest Winners..

Boy what a night...and it wasn't the RNC or the NAACP was the 2016 ARRL Ohio Section Newsletter judging!
INTENSE is not strong enough of a word to describe all of the action...but in the end we have winners.
Here they are:
1st Place
The Mike & Key...Greater Cincinnati Amateur Radio Association, INC.
2nd Place
The RADIOGRAM...Portage County Amateur Radio Service
3rd Place (TIE)
The Voice Coil...Mahoning Valley Amateur Radio Association
ATCO Newsletter...Amateur Television in Central Ohio
Honorable Mention (TIE)
CARA COMMUNICATOR...Cambridge Amateur Radio Association
The Spirit of '76 and '88...Lake Erie Amateur Radio Association
Judges' comments:
"All of the newsletters are really winners. A great deal of time, effort and passion went into writing them"
"Even without detailed examination...they keep getting better!"
So, another contest year done and I am honored to have been a part of it. I can't think of anything than means more to me than seeing how alive and active amateur radio is and how its reputation keeps getting stronger.
Thanks to everyone that participated.. Each one of you is a true winner!!


Allan Severson Memorial Award Recipient Announced..
The Allan Severson Memorial Award is bestowed on an amateur radio operator in the Ohio Section who has demonstrated a continuing dedication to the advancement of amateur radio and to the Ohio Section. Usually one Ohio Section member is awarded per year and usually at the Ohio Section Conference in September.
The award had been established in 1992 and was named "Ohio Ham of the Year" until 1999. That year it was renamed after Allan, of Lakewood, Ohio, who had become a silent key in 1997. The award winners listed here are all hams who, like Allan Severson, have dedicated themselves to the advancement of the American Radio Relay League in Ohio.
Although Allan had served the Section as Section Manager and went on to a distinguished career as Great Lakes Division Director on the ARRL National Board of Directors, the annual award announcement only mentions one sentence about him which is part of every memorial award certificate. That sentence quickly demonstrates the reason for the renaming of this award. "Allan's devotion to serve amateur radio inspired a whole generation of Ohio Section leadership."

The award this year goes to none other than..

John Myers, KD8MQ       Congratulations John..!!