Friday, September 30, 2016

Ohio S.E.T. and lots more for sure..!!

Ohio SET – Tomorrow, Saturday - October 1st 
Saturday - October 1st will be the Ohio SET - an emergency exercise that is supposed to test all our abilities to activate, manage an emergency event, then demobilize.  Last year’s “extended power outage” was a great test...but ~this~ year’s! O-boy!  NOT your Mama’s little exercise. Our ARES leadership team went into overdrive for this one.

This year’s theme is The total collapse of society. Preppers call it TEOTWAWKI – “the end of the world as we know it.”  This is going to test our abilities to message, react and manage many situations. And we won’t be alone- the Ohio Military Reserve has become a partner for our exercise, and they’ll be doing a military exercise based on our situation.  You won’t want to miss this!

Got questions?? Contact Stan, N8BHL

If you would generate any Radiograms for me or any of the Ohio Section Cabinet, please send them via the Ohio Single-SideBand Net (OSSBN). You can find their times and frequency of operation at:   

If you don’t know how to write a Radiogram that website is also a great resource for you to learn by as well.. There’s lot of information on how and when to write a Radiogram there.

For the latest Section Emergency Coordinator’s monthly report go to:


>>  Have you seen the NEWEST “Handbook Giveaway” drawing on the website yet?  It’s there, and it’s fast drawing to an end for this month.. You only have until midnight tonight to enter the drawing. All you need to do is fill in a couple of boxes on the form.. (your name and email). Where do you find this at?  Go to:  and look for the big RED arrow on the left side..   There’s nothing else required (Oh.. You do need to be a resident of Ohio to win..)   The winner will be mailed the Handbook at my cost. This is being offered just to see how many folks are really checking in on the website.

Got the idea?

Best of luck to you!!


Ohio Amateurs in Action..

Hey Gang..  It was suggested that we have a photo gallery of our Ohio Amateurs in action. So, we now have a photo gallery just for this.. You can find it at:  as well as there is a link to this page right from the main page of the Ohio Section website..

These pictures can include any special event, activity and so forth that your ARES or Club has done.. I’m sure you get the idea. Send your pictures to me at:  and include a brief explanation of the event and I’ll get the pictures added to the gallery.. I’ve already got the pictures from “Convention Week” and the Mahoning Disaster Drill..  I’m looking for great new pictures that I might be able to use in the next Ohio Section Banner, so make sure that you get your pictures to me.. I want a great representation of ALL of the Ohio Section.

Ohio ARES Conference..

Did you miss the Ohio ARES Conference this past weekend??  Boy, do I ever have a deal for you.. I videoed all of the presentations and they are available on-line for you to view at your leisure..  Here’s the link to get you started on viewing the fantastic conference that we had this past weekend…

Now I gotta’ tell ya’.. Having all of the presentations on video to view at your leisure is something that we’ve never done before.. It was a true experiment that I think worked out well, even the sound came out decent. If you agree with me, we’ll continue to do this so that everyone can benefit from our conferences, and not just the ones who were lucky enough to be present.

So, with that said, connect to the presentations and then sit back with your popcorn and drink and have a great time!!


>>  LoTW Password Checking Change Causes Problems for Some Users <<

An upgrade to the password-checking mechanism that authenticates Logbook of The World (LoTW) users has caused log-in problems for some clients. Under the system in place prior to approximately 2300 UTC on September 19, the LoTW log-in system ignored the case of any characters in a password when checking for a match, storing them all as lower-case. The new system is case sensitive, however. While passwords once were randomly generated, the ARRL IT staff recently implemented a new LoTW password mechanism that lets users choose their own passwords. Under this new system, when users first log in, their passwords are encrypted.

Some users with mixed-case passwords attempting to log in were rejected, however, because the system had stored their passwords as all lower case. A subsequent modification allows the system to accept a user’s mixed-case password and changes the stored password to the user’s mixed-case specification. The issue also can present problems for applications, such as logging programs, that employ a user’s credentials to access a LoTW account.

Users who encounter trouble logging in to LoTW are being asked to enter their passwords in all lower case. If that doesn’t work, contact the LoTW Help Desk or explore other methods available for LoTW.

Any LoTW users who logged in before this modification was made — at around 2300 UTC on September 19 — had their passwords stored in lower case, no matter which case they used in entering them. These passwords now must be entered as lower case. Users who changed to a password that includes mixed-case letters must continue to enter that password in mixed-case letters.

ARRL apologizes for underestimating the extent to which the lack of password case sensitivity in the previous LoTW authentication mechanism was going to cause problems for so many users.


>> Traffic Nets Serving Ohio << 

It seems that there were a few errors in my first attempt at posting these nets. So, after getting some additional updates from all of you, here we go with what I hope is an accurate listed of some of the nets around the state..

** Ohio Local Nets **

Burning River Traffic Net (BRTN), 9:30 PM daily, 147.150 MHz, W8DJG manager

Central Ohio Traffic Net (COTN), 7:15 PM (19:15), daily,  146.970 MHz (Columbus RPTR), KD8TTE manager

Miami Valley Traffic Net (MVTN), 7:00 PM Mon, Thurs, Sat, 146.640 MHz,  KC8HTP manager 

Northwest Ohio ARES Net (NWOHARES), 6:30 PM, daily, 146.610 MHz, PL 103.5, N8TNV manager  

Tri-County Traffic Training Net (TCTTN), 9:00 PM Sun, Tues, Fri, 147.015 MHz, KI8U manager

Tri-State Amateur Traffic Net (TATN), 8:00 PM daily, 146.670 MHz, PL 123.0, WG8Z manager

** Ohio Section Nets **

Ohio Single Sideband Net (OSSBN), 10:30 AM, 4:15 PM and 6:45 PM daily, 3.972.50 MHz, KC8WH manager

Buckeye Net (Early), BN-E, 6:45 PM daily, 3.580 MHz, WB8YLO manager

Buckeye Net (Late), BN-L, 10:00 PM daily, 3.590 MHz, WB9LBI manager
Ohio Slow Net (OSN), 6:00 PM daily, 3.53535 MHz, W8OLO manager

For the latest Section Traffic Monthly Report go to:

** DMR NET **

Ohio Statewide Net meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday night at 8:30pm local on the Ohio Talk Group

Kentucky Statewide Net meets every Thursday night at 8pm local on the Kentucky Talk Group

** Ohio HF Digital **

OHDEN will meet 3585 USB

OLIVIA 8/500/PSK31 alternate, with MT63 1K for bulletins. Frequency: 3585Khz, 7072KHz alternate.

MT63 2K on VHF/UHF with PSK as an alternate (Assigned locally)

HF Digital Net Manager:
Eldon E. Peterson, W5UHQ


Are you getting those emails from me? If not, all you have to do is to “Opt-In” to receive them. Heck, just send me an email at:
I’ll get you added to the mailing list. There’s a link to do this on the Ohio Section website, it’s on the bottom left corner.. For your convenience, here’s a direct link to it:  I urge all of you to make sure that everyone, regardless of whether they are a League member or not, get signed up for one of these options. You can always  “Opt-Out”  at any time if you feel this is not what you were expecting.


>> Amazon Smile <<

If you weren’t aware, you can donate to the ARRL every time you make a purchase on Amazon. That’s right, all you have to do is sign up for Amazon Smiles and you will donate “without any additional charges to you” to the ARRL. For every dollar you spend on Amazon, every person signed up for this option will automatically donate a percentage of their purchases to ARRL. It won’t add any costs to you. Please, take advantage of this great program and donate to the ARRL by simply signing up for it..


Upcoming Hamfests in Ohio..
10/16/2016 | Conneaut ARC Hamfest
Location: Conneaut, OH
Sponsor: Conneaut Amateur Radio Club

10/23/2016 | Massillon ARC Hamfest
Location: Massillon, OH
Sponsor: Massillon Amateur Radio Club
11/05/2016 | GARC Hamfest
Location: Georgetown, OH
Sponsor: Grant Amateur Radio Club


** RNC / NAACP Conventions **

Want to read about what we did during the July “Conventions” week? Grab the October issue of CQ MAGAZINE!  We have a big report coming out in the October edition of the Ohio ARES activities during RNC / NAACP Conventions!  The editors of CQ were very impressed with your work and grabbed the story and photos we contributed!  Nice work, again, everybody!!

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