Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Ohio Section News Update – March 8th Edition


- St. Patrick’s Day Activities
- DMR Net
- Daylight Saving Time Starts
- Backup Your Files
- Survey Question
- Getting this Newsletter
- My Final    


St. Patrick’s Day Activity Hopes to “Turn the Bands Green”
(from the ARRL Bulletin)

Radio amateurs around the world will celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day on the air through the St Patrick Award.

“We hope to turn the bands green,” the event’s sponsors said. The St Patrick Award activity will get under way at 1200 UTC on March 16 and continue until 1200 UTC on March 18. Radio amateurs or SWLs are invited to take part.

Awards will be in four categories: SPD Station Award (for registered stations); Fixed Station Award; Mobile Station Award, and Short Wave Listener Award.

Register to be an official participating station. Visit the event’s Facebook page. — Thanks to Bobby Wadey, MI0RYL


NIMS / ICS Training

Hey Gang, I’ve got new numbers to show off to all of you..  Here’s the latest count we have on everyone.. Members in the database 654. Members completing all 4 required NIMS courses 439. Total Number of the Courses taken by everyone in the database 4,304  Here’s the link so that you can find out if your name is on the list.. 

Why are these courses so important? The simple answer is this - without these courses, you are not trained! Without the training, you can’t be used! 

Now, get those oh – so important ICS certificates in to me and to your Emergency Coordinator, and don’t forget to include your call sign!!

Here’s where you can get all of this information This page contains a lot of information about what is needed. Each course takes about an hour or so to take, that’s really not much to ask now is it? You spent way more than that to get your Amateur Radio operators license!

I also highly recommend that you get used to looking at the Ohio Section Website.. as it changes all the time. You’ll also want to visit the Ohio Section Emergency Coordinators page frequently too


Weekly DMR Nets

Hey gang, don’t forget to check-in on the weekly Wednesday night DMR net tonight, there are averaging around 50 check-ins each week, and it’s really growing in popularity for sure. Come join in on the fun, Wednesday nights at 8:30p local on the 3139 Ohio statewide Talkgroup.

The North American Tech Net is also on Wednesday night at 9pm EST on Talkgroup 3, as well as  The After HamNation Net, following the HamNation program on Talkgroup 311 as well.. Lot’s of good nets to check in to on Wednesday’s for sure..

Want to know more about DMR? Here’s a link.


Mar 12, 2017 - Daylight Saving Time Starts

When local standard time is about to reach Sunday, March 12, 2017, 2:00:00 am clocks are turned forward 1 hour to Sunday, March 12, 2017, 3:00:00 am local daylight time instead.

Sunrise and sunset will be about 1 hour later on Mar 12, 2017 than the day before. There will be more light in the evening.

Also called Spring Forward, Summer Time, and Daylight Savings Time.


Backup Your Files

Hey Gang,

Here’s something that you might want to take a good hard look at doing, backing up of all the files on your computer. Portable hard-drives are really cheap and easy to hookup. With most of them, all you do is just plug it in to your computer’s USB port and away you go, instant extra storage. The best thing is you can transport this little gadget from one computer to another. If you are like me, you have several computers in the house, and by using a single portable hard-drive I can keep all those important backups all in one place. Now that makes sense!

You can get these small, lightweight portable hard-drives practically everywhere, and they are well worth the few dollars you’ll spend on them. In most cases a 2 Terabyte hard-drive will cost less than $80, and that will give you enough memory to easily backup most everything on your computer(s) several times this year.

Have you got pictures that you want to keep? I have pictures that date back into the 60’s and 70’s that are priceless to me, and since they are of family members that are now no longer with us, those memories could be gone forever if they weren’t backed up! By the way, I would highly recommend that you download all those pictures from your cell phone to your computer and then back it up onto the portable hard-drive. This way you won’t lose any of your pictures from your cell phone in case it gets damaged or lost. How about that all those important emails or documents that you have been saving (your IS 100, 200, 700 & 800 certificates come to mind). it can all be gone in a flash if it’s not backed up somewhere.

Now most of you know that I’m a real advocate of backing up my files. I have backups that date back to the middle 1990’s, and over those years I’ve had computer crashes, many of them in fact. Getting those oh so valuable files back now becomes a real panic if you are counting on the internal disk drive for them alone.

Well, let me tell you that even though I subscribe to a very reputable “cloud based” computer backup company, I have found that sometimes things just don’t get backed up when you think they do, and that’s when you find out that you don’t have them anymore. That’s happened to me a number of times. So, I no longer count on just that alone. I do my own backup of those very valuable files.

That’s why I’m recommending that you purchase one of those inexpensive portable hard-drives for just this situation. It’s really easy to backup most everything. I don’t recommend trying to back-up your programs however. That’s because most programs are tied to your computer’s registry, and if you’re starting fresh with a new computer, or you’ve had to reformat your current computer’s hard-drive, it won’t understand where those very important registry logs are kept. Save those disks that the programs came on. Don’t just throw them away. If you’ve purchased programs on-line, keep the original download, usually it’s a zipped file that you can burn to a disk or keep on a flash drive. If you don’t, you could easily loose them forever.

Backing things up today is so easy and affordable, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t invest a few bucks into a portable hard-drive.


Survey Question

Hey Gang,

There’s a NEW survey question on the website. I think you’ll find this question really interesting. You’ll find it on the left side of the main page..  Don’t forget, once you’ve voted to go back and take a look at how your answer stacks up with everyone elses..!!


Are you getting those emails from me? If not, all you have to do is to “Opt-In” to receive them.

Heck, just send me an email: and let me know that you want to be added. It’s really just that easy. Please, if you know of anyone that would be interested in this information, feel free to pass it on to them. You don’t have to be an ARRL member or even a ham to receive these emails.

You can always  “Opt-Out”  at any time if you feel this is not what you were expecting.

Also.. are you viewing the Ohio Section Website on a regular basis? You should, it changes all the time. Here’s a link to it.


My Final..    

A little history for you today.. In 1936 the first stock car race is held in Daytona Beach, Florida. No, I won’t make any more jokes about the winner drinking milk.. You NASCAR folks are really quick to pick up on that!

In 1983 IBM releases PC DOS version 2.0, and my computer has never been right since.

In 1995 it got down to a -26°F (-32.2°C) in Bismarck, North Dakota. And you thought it was cold here last week! Wow..

Now.. there’s some trivial history for you to use at work today.. Go have FUN..!!


Scott, N8SY..