Monday, March 12, 2018

The Ohio Section News Update - The St. Patrick's Day Edition

Hi Gang,

The latest Ohio Section News Update is now on-line and ready for you to read!

Here’s some of the great information that you’ll find in this edition..

-->  The Handbook Give Away - It's back on.. Have you got registered yet?

-->  A Review of the JumboSpot (ChinaSpot) - This is a great article for sure

-->  Hamvention® Announces Award Winners - PCARS wins "Club of the Year"

-->  Shack Safety - This is important, you need to read this article for sure

-->  Fun Things To Do, Classes & Hamfests Too - Read about the latest classes and hamfests

There's so much more, but I can list them all here..  This edition is packed full of great information that every ham operator wants to know.

Go take a look!!   >> <<. 


Scott, N8SY..