Friday, July 22, 2016

We Did It!!!!

Hi Gang,

WOW..  What more could anyone say about this past week!  I want to personally thank all of our great Ohio Section ARES volunteers that gave of themselves completely, got all the required ICS training in, and met all the goals. It will go down in the history books for sure.

Yes, we did it!! We successfully trained, equipped and staffed numerous locations for the NRC and NAACP conventions simultaneously. How much more could anyone ask for.

Yes, we did use the brand new Ohio Department of Homeland Security Credentialing System (CIMS) too. It worked! We were able to get State of Ohio credentials into the hands of our volunteers when and where needed. Just as it was advertised!

I can’t express my happiness more in Ohio’s ARES program. I heard nothing but praise from government leaders, Red Cross and EMA Directors all over the state as I visited with them about the willingness and professionalism of the Ohio ARES Corps.

Stan, N8BHL, my hat is off to you sir, and all of your fantastic Ohio Section ARES staff!

I have a number of pictures posted of the different locations, but can use more if you have them. Go to:   to see some of the action as it was happening.

Again, thanks go out to all of our great Ohio Section ARES volunteers for a job “Well Done!!”


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Don’t forget,  August 6th is our annual ARRL Ohio Section Conference in conjunction with the Columbus Hamfest. There are a number of great forums scheduled and I’m sure you’ll want to attend them all. The ARRL Forum will also be when the 25th Annual Newsletter winners will be announced. And, it will also be when I announce the 22nd recipient of the Allan Severson Award. I’m sure all of you will want to be there when that is announced for sure!! Go to  for more details..


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