Friday, July 1, 2016

ARRL Handbook Give Away Winners and More..

Hey Gang,
WOW.. we had such an overwhelming response this month for the Handbook Give Away we decided to have 2 winners!!  So, we congratulate Tom Bishop, W8TAB and Andrew Pliszka, WB8YDP.

>> SPECIAL NOTE <<  I decided that since the 4th of July is just a few days away we needed to do something to celebrate Independence Day, so there is going to be a  >> Special << Handbook give away just for July 4th..  So, if you signed up for the June drawing, as a lot of you did, you are already registered.. IF you did not, this is a great opportunity for you to get in on this deal..  Go to   to get signed up.

In other news..
>>  West Virginia ARES Units on Alert for Possible Activation in Wake of Flooding..  All Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) districts and counties in West Virginia are on alert for possible activation in the aftermath of severe flooding, which has claimed at least 2 dozen lives, destroyed hundreds of homes, and damaged countless others. More than 30,000 were without electrical power at one point, but that number now is less than 8000. More rain has been forecast for the region, and President Barack Obama has declared a major disaster in the state.   >>  Please take note that we (Ohio ARES) may also be asked to help with this as well..  <<
>> Are you getting those emails from me? If not, all you have to do is to  >> Opt-In <<  to receive, and I will add you to the mailing list. There is a link to do this on the Ohio Section website, it is on the bottom left corner.. For your convenience, here’s a direct link to it:   I urge all of you to make sure that everyone, regardless of whether they are a League member or not, get signed up for one of these options. You can always Opt-Out at any time if you feel this is not what you were expecting. 
them. Heck, just send me an email

>>  Field Day Pictures.. This year I traveled to 14 different Field Day Sites, I would have gone to more, but I simply ran out of time. I drove just under a 1,000 miles to be with all of you at your sites. I had a blast visiting with all of you, and the food was delicious. I have posted a bunch of pictures of various Field Day sites around Ohio on the website   If you have not seen them yet, you really need to.. Who knows, you may even be featured in one of those pictures! 

That’s it for now.. Remember, if you have questions or concerns about the Ohio Section you can always call or write me anytime..  Have a great 4th of July, but most of all, be SAFE.

73,   Scott, N8SY..