Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Post Field Day Stuff..

Hi Gang,

I hope you have all recovered from this great weekend we had. Yes, it was hot, but we could not have asked for nicer weather. Remember last year?

>> Field Day Pictures.. This year I got to travel to 14 different Field Day Sites. I drove just under a 1,000 miles to be with all of you at your sites. I had a blast and boy to Amateur Radio operators like to eat!! The food was delicious and I have posted a few pictures of various Field Day sites around Ohio on the website..  I hope you took pictures too.

>> Some ARRL E-mail Forwarding Service (<call sign>@arrl.net) users have reported receiving bogus notices with a subject line, “Warning!!! Code: WeBmAiLx2F5” or similar. These warning e-mails are phishing attempts and did not originate with ARRL. Recipients should ignore the warning and should not attempt to click on the link provided or to comply with its instructions.

The bogus warnings, which bear the ARRL logo, purport to originate from “IT Help Desk 2016” with a cableone.net domain and are addressed to “Dear ARRL User.” The message instructs recipients to update their accounts by clicking on a link and providing account information.

Ironically, the message cites “congestion and spamming in all ARRL Outlook user accounts” as the reason for the warning and update notice, which warns that ARRL accounts will otherwise be blocked or suspended. The ARRL would never solicit information from e-mail users in this manner.

>>  For those of you who have not participated in the NEWEST >>Handbook Giveaway Drawing << time is running short.. You better get cracking on this, the drawing ends on June 30th.!! To enter the drawing all you need to do is fill in a couple of boxes on the form.. (your name and email). That is all you need to do to be entered into the drawing  to win a 2016 ARRL softcover Handbook. There is nothing else required  >> Oh.. You do need to be a resident of Ohio to win.. <<   The winner will be mailed the Handbook at my cost. This is being offered just to see how many folks are really checking in on the website. Got the idea? Best of luck to you!!

>>  HEY, there is another NEW – one question – questionnaire on the Ohio Section Website! This question is really important for me to know.. It will only take about 2 seconds for you to answer it, and you can see how your answer stacks up with others instantly. If you haven’t done it yet, please do.. I really want to hear from you.

73, for now..

Scott, N8SY..