Monday, April 3, 2017

The Ohio Section News Update – April 03rd Tornado Edition


- ARES Leadership Conference
- Handbook Give-Away
- School Roundup Results
- Getting this Newsletter
- My Final    


ARRL Ohio ARES Leadership Conference
The 2017 Ohio ARES Leadership Meeting was held this past Saturday and it was absolutely fantastic! We had a huge crowd there, and lots of great information was given out.  It definitely was a fun day for everyone there.

The entire Conference was videoed and will be up on the website soon. Thanks to Mike, KB8MPC we do have lots of pictures from the day up on the website already. Here’s a link to the pictures..

If you missed this Conference, you really missed out!! 


NIMS / ICS Training

The numbers are growing for sure! Here’s the latest count we have on everyone.. Members in the database 701. Members completing all 4 required NIMS courses 491. Total Number of the Courses taken by everyone in the database 4628,  Here’s the link so that you can find out if your name is on the list.. 

I had a very interesting conversation with the West Virginia Section Emergency Coordinator at the Ohio ARES Conference this past Saturday, it seems West Virginia ALSO requires the 4 basic NIMS courses to be completed as well! Interesting isn’t it.

So, for the folks in border counties in Ohio may be registered in our surrounding Section ARES programs (Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Pennsylvania or Michigan) and that these other Section’s may or may not require the 4 basic courses for ARES membership as Ohio does. Please take note, it IS a requirement for membership the Ohio ARES, and you still need to get these courses in, and copies of your certificates to your Ohio County E.C. and to me, regardless of another Section’s requirements.

Also, for those outside of Ohio in the bordering states, if you have these 4 courses in, please feel free to send me copies of your 4 certificates and we’ll be very happy to get them entered into our database as well. Please make sure that you have your call sign either in the email or as part of the file name on the certificate.   

For those just starting out, we have a webpage with all the information about how to get started.. This page contains a lot of information about what is needed. Each course takes about an hour or so to take, that’s really not much to ask now is it? You spent way more than that to get your Amateur Radio operators license!

Handbook Give-Away

We had a great response this month with over 2,000 folks registering for the Give Away.. Now, I’m sure all of you are wondering just who won… So, without further delay.. It’s Al LeRoy, W8RKY from Vienna.

Congratulations Al !!! The Handbook is going out today to you.

The drawing is over for this month, but keep stopping back to the website to see just when that big red arrow appears.. That’s your signal that the drawing is back on!! 


School Club Roundup Winter Term 2017 Scores Now Available
(from the ARRL Bulletins)

Final scores from the winter term 2017 recent running of School Club Roundup (SCR) in February have already been posted online. Here’s a link..

SCR is sponsored jointly by ARRL, its Hudson Division Education Task Force, and the Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club (LIMARC), with the goal of fostering Amateur Radio contacts with and among school radio clubs.

LIMARC receives and checks the logs at the submission deadline, then pass along the results to Bruce Horn, WA7BNM, for posting.

The Elementary/Primary School winner was the Russell Elementary Amateur Radio Club (KM4RE) in Georgia. The Middle/Intermediate/Junior High School winner was Schofield Middle School (K4SMS) in South Carolina. Topping the High School field was the LASA High School Amateur Radio Club (K5LBJ) in Texas. Case Western Reserve University (W8EDU) took first place in the College/University category.


Are you getting those emails from me? If not, all you have to do is to “Opt-In” to receive them.

Heck, just send me an email: and let me know that you want to be added. It’s really just that easy. Please, if you know of anyone that would be interested in this information, feel free to pass it on to them. You don’t have to be an ARRL member or even a ham to receive these emails.

You are always free to “Opt-Out”  at any time if you feel this is not what you were expecting. Just send me an email with the email address that you used to opt-in on, and you will be removed. It’s that simple.

Also.. are you viewing the Ohio Section Website on a regular basis? You should, it changes all the time. Here’s a link to it.


My Final..    

Today is April 3rd..  For those of you who may not remember, or might not have been born yet, this is a date that will live with a lot of us for a very long time. Yes, on April 03 and 04 the United States had the largest outbreak of tornadoes in its history. Xenia had an EF-5 tornado hit, which is very unusual for this area, but even more unique than that was the fact it was a multiple vortex tornado, and that is very rare for around here!

For me I was a volunteer with the Red Cross and there for several weeks helping out. It was a mess for sure.

Amateur Radio has its serious side, but it can also have a FUN side too.. So, as we go through our training and exercises learning from our past, let’s remember to have FUN.. It’s what keeps us alive and vibrant..!!


Scott, N8SY..