Friday, May 12, 2017

Ohio Section NEWS FLASH!!!!!

Hi Gang,

Sorry for sending out another News Update on all of you so fast, but this just came in and it's really important information for anyone coming to the Dayton Hamvention...

My name is Gary Mullins K8UW and I am the chair of the Talk-In committee for Hamvention this year.  As you can probably imagine, the change of venue is going to make Talk-In very busy and very important to our visitors this time.  In an effort to be able to help as many hams as possible, and reduce traffic and repetitive questions on our primary Talk-In frequency of 146.94- 123.0, we will be utilizing an informational bulletin system this year that will provide answers to many of the frequently asked questions and provide important general information to those approaching the area.  The bulletin system will be transmitting on 145.525 where attendees and vendors can listen to get the information they need.

Of course we will still be operating our usual Talk-In operation to address questions or problems that aren't answered on the bulletin system.

The system will begin operation at approximately 0700 hours EDT on Thursday the 18th and will continue during Talk-In operation hours throughout the weekend.  The more people that are aware of the availability of this service, the better things can run for us and those attending.

Thank you,


Gary Mullins K8UW
Committee Chairman

Hamvention 2017