Monday, May 22, 2017

The Ohio Section News Update – May 22nd - Post Hamvention


- Give Away Winners Announced
- Affiliated Club Coordinator
- New Possibility for to the Ohio Section
- One Question Survey
- Ohio Responds
- NIMS / ICS Training
- Final - Final


Handbook Giveaway !!
And the winners are... 

2017 ARRL Handbook - Mark Studer, KC8FQV & 
Scott Palluth, K9SPP

Here are the other winners from the Giveaway Contest held at Dayton..

1 - $50 ARRL Gift Certificate - Tom Tenney, W8OJM

1 - $25 ARRL Gift Certificate - Don Hughes, KD8BB

1 - $25 ARRL Gift Certificate - Rob Hoey, W1EBA

1 - 2017 Field Day T-Shirt - Jim Erclauz, KC8VTF

1 - 2017 Field Day T-Shirt - Terry Holdren, KD8YFW

1 - Ohio Section Hat - Diana Lewis, N8NRB

1 - Ohio Section Hat - Lew Lewis, W8OEL

We had a blast doing this!!  I want to thank EVERYONE that participated!! We had over 2,500 folks register!! What a great time we ALL had for sure..  The prizes will be send out within the next couple of days, so for those listed above, be looking for your prizes very soon.

See ya' next month when we resume the monthly Handbook Give Away… Keep looking for the big RED arrow on the main page that signals it’s started!!


Affiliated Club Coordinator

Hi Gang,
On Saturday, we had a very special presentation at the Ohio Section Booth area at Hamvention. A passing of the badges, so to speak. John, KD8MQ passed to the torch (ACC badge) to Tom, WB8LCD. It was great seeing and being a part of this, as that it demonstrates just how well we all work together to make the Ohio Section the best in the country!!

Tom will be taking over officially as the Affiliated Club Coordinator on June 1st, but I can tell you all that John and Tom have already gotten together on several occasions to exchange information and ideas.

I presented John with a “Special Section Manager’s Award” for all his hard work and dedication to the Ohio Section. I also presented Tom with his Affiliated Club Coordinator Certificate as well.

It was a great time, and I do want to thank all of those who we held up for a short time while taking pictures and doing the presentations.


New Possibility for to the Ohio Section

Hey Gang,
I’m really excited to announce that Anthony, K8ZT has been working on getting the Ohio Section into the Ohio State Fair!! We are looking at the possibility of having a display there and having it manned on Friday, July 28; Saturday, July 29 and Sunday, July 30th.

Would you be interested in helping out? It’s fun, and it really wouldn’t take that much of your time. The best thing is that you’ll get to answer questions about what Amateur Radio is all about..!!   

Please, if we are going to do this we will need a sufficient amount of Amateurs to help out. The more the merrier for sure!  Contact Anthony at:  right away.. If we are going to do this, we need to get moving on it now!


One Question Survey


Have you voted yet? If not, what’s keeping you from answering the “One Question” that’s on the website? I am very interested in your responses and it is so easy to do.

Get with it guys and gals.. Take the plunge and join in the fun. After answering the question it even let’s you see how your answer stacks up with others!!


Ohio Responds is now LIVE

Many of you have had questions about how to get logged into the Ohio Responds page. I really hope that you took advantage of having our System Administrator, Rhonda Meggitt at Hamvention and asked her those important questions that I’m sure you all have.

Now, I do know that there are some differences in their system to how hams do things. So, with that in mind, I have created a webpage where you’ll find all the pertinent information for getting registered for Ohio Responds. You WILL need to read this information BEFORE you attempt to register for Ohio Responds and you will need to have all 4 of your NIMS courses completed and in our statewide database! There’s some very specific information up there that you’ll need to know in order to correctly complete the registration process.

How do I know if I’m on the list or not? Here’s the link to the list.  Don’t see your name on the list, and you’ve submitted your certificates? Contact me immediately!


NIMS / ICS Training

The numbers are continuing to grow!  I had many conversations over this past weekend with other Section Managers and Section Emergency Coordinators. It was interesting for sure. Most have told me that they are looking to do the very same as Ohio is doing and making these courses mandatory.

We need to be prepared to help in a professional and TRAINED manor now days, and the only way of getting that training is to start taking these courses. We have a lot to be proud of, and a lot more work to do. Every ARES member in Ohio now MUST have these courses to be a part of the Ohio ARES program and to be registered in the Ohio Responds database!

How do I know if I’m on the list or not? Here’s the link to the list.  If you don’t see your name on the list, and you’ve submitted your certificates? Contact me immediately!

For those of you just starting out now that you have a real incentive, we have a webpage with all the information about how to get started.. This page contains a lot of information about what is needed. Each course takes about an hour or so to take, that’s really not much to ask now is it? You spent way more than that to get your Amateur Radio operators license!


My Final..   

Today is Monday, May 22nd, I don’t know about all of you, but I had a very hard time getting out of bed this morning. This past weekend was so packed with adventure and excitement that it completely drained me. I have to say that the new venue for Hamvention was fantastic!!  It was clean and bright and everything was easy to get to. I just couldn’t get enough of how it all came together!! Thanks to the folks from the Dayton Amateur Radio Association (DARA) for giving us this great show, and I’m sure it will get even bigger and better from here!!

It was great getting to talk and shake hands with all of you!!

Amateur Radio has its serious side, but it can also have a FUN side too. I hope that this News Update has been informative and fun for you to read.  So, as we go through our training and exercises, learning from the past and from those who are willing to take the time to teach us, let’s remember to have FUN too.. It’s what keeps us alive and vibrant..!!


Scott, N8SY..